About Us

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About Us

Care in the Sun was set up as part of the Northern Ireland Skin Cancer Prevention Strategy.
The Department of Health’s Skin Cancer Prevention Strategy and Action Plan 2011-2021 was launched in July 2011 and aims to reduce the incidence of skin cancer, and deaths from it, in Northern Ireland.

Our objectives

  1. To increase awareness about dangers of too much ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight and artificial tanning equipment.
  2. To reduce use of artificial tanning equipment.
  3. To increase the practice of sun safety habits in individuals and in organisations.
  4. To increase awareness about the early signs of skin cancer and the need to act quickly.
  5. To encourage earlier detection and treatment of malignant melanomas.
  6. To promote research into knowledge, attitudes and behaviour and the epidemiology of skin cancer.

Who is involved

The Public Health Agency (PHA) is the lead organisation for the implementation of the Skin Cancer Prevention Strategy.

Building on the work of the former Northern Ireland Melanoma Implementation Group, the Skin Cancer Strategy Implementation Group, a multi-agency body jointly chaired by the PHA and Cancer Focus Northern Ireland, has been set up.

The Strategy Group includes representatives from: